Why HeiferPRO

As a Professional Heifer Grower, you know the importance of maintaining accurate management and billing records.

However, doing so can be a difficult task. Realizing this, ProfitSource has developed a Heifer Management and Billing software program called HeiferPRO.

From 50 heifers to 50,000 heifers, HeiferPRO can accommodate your needs. No operation is too big or too small to make their operation more profitable with HeiferPRO.

How HeiferPRO Works

HeiferPRO is a Robust record keeping system that allows you to manage identification, medical, growth and reproduction records and much more.

HeiferPRO includes a Fully Integrated billing and accounts receivables module to eliminate costly client billing mistakes. Our HeiferPRO Mobile software utilizes the Tablet PC and RFID to it's fullest extent.

HeiferPRO gives you the ability to generate statements very quickly and easily. You simply record a "Receive Action" (the day the animal comes on your operation) and record a "Return Action" when the animal goes back. That is all the information that HeiferPRO needs to generate billing.

On the management side, HeiferPRO offers all of the tools that you will need to manage the animals. You can record as little or as much data as you desire. All of the standard procedures are included: breeding, treatments, vet checks, etc. Reports are easily generated that make your management tasks very efficient.

Along with this, HeiferPRO is RFID ready. If you are currently using RFID tags or are considering them, HeiferPRO allows you to utilize them to their full potential. Saving you time and money, HeiferPRO is an easy choice.

We take pride in our support. Call our toll free number and take a look at our instructional videos.

If you are interested in our 30 day trial, please click here.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Compatible

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