Is RationPRO MVP For You

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RationPRO MVP is the software choice of not only Consultants, but Dairy Producers around the world.  Its easy to use interface and short learning curve makes it the Number 1 Ration Balancing Software among Dairy Producers.  Not only is it powerful, it also can help give you a better understanding of nutrition.

If you are a dairy producer just getting started in balancing rations we have shortened the learning curve for RationPRO MVP. After installing RationPRO MVP an audio/video tutorial will help you learn all of the mechanics involved in creating a ration.

If you are inexperienced in balancing rations and want to learn how, RationPRO MVP is the correct choice for you.  Our easy to use interface allows you to learn the mechanics of the program quickly with very little memorization.  The unique analysis screen can also help teach you nutrition. 

We also have a complete series of online instructional videos. Along with our toll free support, RationPRO MVP is an easy choice.

RationPRO MVP Features

  • Single or Multiple Producer Versions - The multiple producer version is great for consultants or feed dealers

  • Import existing RationPRO rations

  • Unlimited ingredients per ration

  • Unlimited mixes per ration

  • New simplified user interface design

  • Allows for nested mixes

  • Easily create mixes from an existing ration or from the new Mix Manager

  • Balance Lactating, Milk Step, Dry Cow, Growing Heifer and Bull Rations

  • New Ration Type of Other for Deer, Goat or Beef Rations

  • Best Cost Balance function least costs ration allowing over 40 different nutritional constraints plus min/max for each ingredient.

  • Ration Advisor to assist you when rations won't balance

  • Customize your work area to show ration analysis on left, right, top or bottom of the screen

  • Enhanced Reports

  • Side by Side Evaluation of Different Rations

  • Calculator function instantly updates ration analysis on ration change.

  • Rations can be formulated on a dry matter or As-fed basis.

  • Unique Stoplight indicator to show if ration is within nutrient requirements.

  • User can define their own set of requirement targets.

  • Imperial or Metric measurements.

  • Switch between Standard and Advanced Features

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Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Compatible